Our Partners

Gedik welding

GEDIK WELDING was established in 1963 and manufactures about 90.000 tons/year of covered welding electrodes, gas metal arc , submerged arc , flux cored type welding wires , rectifiers, gas metal arc, submerged arc welding machines, inverter type welding machines and welding generators. The company also does manufacturing and selling that are geared for both domestic and overseas markets in the field of welding automations. GEDIK WELDING is the leading industrial establishment of Turkey in the field of welding.

The company manufactures a wide range of products which include welding consumables which have the trademark GEKA and welding machines that have the trademark GeKaMac. These are our international and registered trademarks produced at the company’s plants that are set up on a 75.000 square meter area in Istanbul.

Honeywell Refrigerants

HONEYWELL is a global leader in the development and production of high-performance fluorocarbon refrigerants and thermal working fluids. Our customers include original equipment manufacturers, service technicians and facility managers, and consumers around the world. Honeywell is an established technical leader in the development of ‘4th Generation’ fluorine-based refrigerants (HFOs or hydrofluoroolefins) for the worldwide commercial and industrial refrigeration industry.

We have been at the forefront to develop safer, non-ozone depleting alternatives to older refrigerant technology (CFC and HCFC refrigerants), in compliance with global legislation for their phaseout.

The elimination of ozone-depleting refrigerants and chemicals continues to be a key environmental focus for Honeywell as countries phase out these chemicals in accordance with the international agreement “Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.” We have invested in both R&D and manufacturing capacity to help countries and companies meet our commitments to this global effort by moving to non-ozone depleting alternatives.

OKI Bering ME

OKI Bering ME (An Affiliate to Essendant) is a leading, truly 100% wholesale partner proudly serving our Manufacturers and Distributors of WELDING, SAFETY and INDUSTRIAL products since 1999 in the Middle East Region and more than 75 years in U.S.A. Our company was founded and continues to operate today by selling only through recognized/authorized distributors and we have no affiliation with or ownership of any distributors or the end-user.

OKI Bering ME continues to provide distributors with a multiple line of quality products and back them up with most complete service and solutions. OKI Bering located in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates which easily and effectively serves all part of the Middle East and African Regions with dedicated sales team.

OKI Bering Middle east is one of largest pure wholesaler of industrial supplies selling exclusively to distributors in the Middle East, Asia & Africa. OKIME offers over 200,000 SKU’s of premium products from more than 600 brands for use in the industrial, welding, oilfield, safety, construction, HVAC, MRO, PVF, plumbing channel markets. OKIME serves rapidly growing distributor customers with a strategically placed distribution center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

KEEN Ovens

The KEEN brand of ovens is manufactured and distributed exclusively by Henkel Enterprises, LLC in Hammond, Louisiana. We are currently one of the largest manufacturers of welding consumable storage ovens in the USA, and proudly serve the welding industry worldwide.

We began as a general sheet metal business in 1923, and in the following 75+ years there were many changes. In 1972, a distributor in New Orleans contacted our company in urgent need to supply an electrode storage oven to a job site that had been shut down by a welding inspector. We quickly designed an oven to satisfy the requirement and thus began the expansion of our welding consumable oven division.

Soon after, the KEEN brand name was born. We gradually began manufacturing an extensive line of welding flux and welding electrode storage ovens to serve growing market needs in the New Orleans area. As our product line grew, so did the number of loyal distributors and customers. Today, our welding ovens are used in many different markets such as aerospace, construction, oil, nuclear and marine industries.

Thai-Sun Welding

THAI-SUN WELDING CO. LTD., is a leading manufacturer of welding electrodes AWS E-6013, Stick Electrodes based in Thailand established in 1989. We have been insisting on concepts of innovation and improvement since its establishment, we are proud to introduce our product–“THE SUN Covered Welding Electrodes Type AWS E-6013” which is our Top selling product.

We are a specialist provider of Stick Electrodes which renowned manufacturer of widely established and respected brand names in the welding and industrial hardware industry. Our customer focus is to provide prompt service and product reliability.

We have got the international approval the international standards from Lloyd’s Register, and also local THAI standards TISI and ISO 9001:2008 Approval.


HALCOR Metal Works SA

HALCOR is a leading group of companies that specialized in the production, processing and marketing of copper, copper alloys and zinc products. It has a dynamic commercial presence in the European and global markets. For more than 75 years, HALCOR has been offering innovative and added-value solutions that meet contemporary client demands in fields such as plumbing, HVAC&R, architecture, automotive naval construction and engineering, telecommunications and industrial production.

HALCOR is a group of 19 companies based in Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Italy, Romania and the United Kingdom, operating 9 production plants in Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. The Group develops and distributes a wide range of products, including copper and copper-alloy rolled and extruded products and cables with HALCOR being the sole producer of copper tubes in Greece.

High quality in production is achieved through strict controls applied throughout the production process. With a consistent quality focus, the company implements an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality Management System and utilizes high technologies and employs expert staff.


MORRIS PRECISION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was founded in 1977 with headquarters in Taiwan. It has enjoyed a great reputation by providing full range of superior quality products of gas welding and cutting equipment to its worldwide customers.

Morris started out as a manufacturer of regulators, torches, flashback arrestors, welding tips & cutting tips under the brand IOXYGEN. It has moved forward into manufacturing of medical apparatus, such as suction regulators, flowmeter regulators, EMS regulators and its fittings. Our goal is to provide most reliable, precision and superior quality of products to our customer.

All the design and manufacture of Morris’ products strictly conform to ISO and international standard. Its quality management system and procedure of the production are also complying with ISO 9001 & ISO13485. Besides, Morris also has obtained the certificates of UL, CE and GMP for its industrial and medical products.

UNIKA Cables

UNIKA was founded in 1936 upon the directives of ATATURK, the founder and the president of modern Turkish Republic to manufacture paper insulated cables which were strongly needed at that time since the country was constructing its infrastructure.

UNIKA was founded in 1936 upon the directives of ATATURK, the founder and the president of modern Turkish Republic to manufacture paper insulated cables which were strongly needed at that time since the country was constructing its infrastructure.

Being a pioneer company in the manufacturing cables, Unika has been the main source of expertise, training and qualified employees for the growing cable industry in Turkey throughout the years. In the late 1980s the company chose the policy to almost wholly withdraw from the manufacturing ‘run off the mill’ type general purpose electric cables and directed his efforts towards manufacturing special purpose cables.

Pietro Galliani Brazing

Pietro Galliani Brazing (PGB) S.p.A  has been working in the field of metals processing for more than 100 years. In the Mid 80’s it started the production of silver and copper brazing alloys under form of extruded, drawn and rolled products. Since 1995, PGB has become a European leader in the production of brazing products. In 2000 a new production plant was set up and devoted to the flux powders as well as the flux-coated rods. In 1998 PGB get certified ISO 9002 and in 2003 a new certification ISO 9001-VISION 2000 witnesses its industrial policy as strongly oriented to Global Quality.

In the last years the Company made a huge of investments to renew the plants, some of them being very innovative, in order to increase its technical organization and its professionalism.  PGB  disposes of well-trained  technicians and well-equipped laboratory, being qualified and certified by the Ministry of Education, University and Research of the Italian Republic.

Chung-I Brazing

Since the establishment in 1978, relies on the developing product with stable quality, CHUNG-I has been manufacturing from the materials of silver brazing alloy to related business such as High-Tech soldering materials, fuse conductivity wire, advanced glasses soldering wire, flux-cored brazing alloy, and Tri-foil alloy etc.

Furthermore, we invested the abrasive factory in Taiwan in 1986, and established CHUNG FU OPTICAL LENS FACTORY in Mainland China in 1995 which manufactures all kinds of sunglasses and reading glasses lens.

In order to face the fierce competition in 21st century, we consider not only enhance the quality and develop new products, but also provide better service to our clients in the vicinity and expand the global channel. Hence, we set up our branch factory in DongGuan, China for further services and started the production since 2003.

We offer our customers higher quality products and more innovative technology by persisting in the principle of good reputation, sincerity and progression. We earnestly hope to get your support and comments continuously.



ITW Welding Group is a collection of independent business units brought together by Illinois Tool Works Inc. to serve the global welding industry with superior products and unparalleled service. The company includes leading manufactures of filler metals, equipment, welding components and accessories for a wide variety of applications.

Elga from Sweden has one of the best ranges of consumables on the market for demanding welding applications. Together with Elga, Hobart Brothers from the USA and its brands Hobart, Tri-Mark, Corex and McKay we are able to offer the type of consumable you need to meet your demands.

Miller Electric is the world’s largest manufacturer in arc welding and cutting equipment. Miller leads the way in inverter technology, with over twenty years of experience and thousands of hours of research and development. The result is having job-proven products that provide the ultimate in portability and multi-process capabilities.

The Welding Components group includes Bernard MIG-Guns, Weldcraft TIG-Torches, Tempil temperature markers, and Smith Equipment combining four well known suppliers for welding accessories.

All our products are sold through multiple distribution channels with most products ready available through your local welding distributor. ITW Welding has branch offices in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Spain and Italy. Find your nearest sales representative office